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in 1 day even with a bad credit history and payment for the result

With a real rate of 6.2% without guarantors and collateral

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Monthly payment

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Pay off your old loan on more favorable terms at a reduced rate!


We will approve even with a minimum initial payment and after refusals
in banks. House, apartment, commercial property, etc.

Mortgage credit lending

We will help you get money in cash for any purpose.

consumer credit

Мечтали купить автомобиль высокого класса? С нами ваша мечта осуществится!

Credit for
car purchases

We issue a cash loan
in difficult situations!

Cash loan secured
real estate or car

Let us help your business expand opportunities and increase revenue!

Lending to legal entities

About company

Оплата только за результат, нет результата с нашей стороны, нет никаких платежей с вашей.

Мы работаем по этому принципу, потому что уверены в своих силах и банковской грамотности.

Поможем решить такие задачи как:

• финансирование бизнеса;
• любые потребительские нужды;
• покупка или строительство недвижимости;
• рефинансирование;

Мы работаем, чтобы воплощать ваши мечты!
Payment only for the result, there is no result from our side, there are no payments from you. We work according to this principle, because we are confident in our abilities and banking literacy. We will help you solve such problems as: financing a business or your consumer needs, buying and building real estate, as well as refinancing, that is, obtaining a new, more profitable loan to close existing ones.

When achieving their goals, borrowers often face difficulties:

• Refusals without explanation;
• High credit burden;
• Informal employment;
• The approved amount is not enough;
• Delays;
• Availability of MFIs;

And so on.

With 10 years of experience and extensive connections in the banking sector, we are ready to select for you the most favorable conditions on the market today in the shortest possible time.

It is important to note that our team is interested, as you are in obtaining a loan. Therefore, we protect your interests 100% and will do everything in our power to ensure that you receive the necessary funding.

We are working to make your dreams come true!

We know how quickly and on favorable terms to obtain approval of the required loan amount for our clients from banks
and private investors


Our company has been on the market for more than 4 years
lending price Kyiv. Over the years
we managed to prove ourselves and help more
1000 people get a loan!

After signing the contract, 98% of our clients
receive a loan on terms that the bank
will not offer a person from the "street".

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According to statistics, 98% of our
customers receive credit even
with bad credit!

We cooperate with banks
and with verified private
investors without intermediaries!

We work strictly within
Russian legislation, we do not have
prepayments and advances!


Our partner network is currently represented by more than 50 banking organizations
in Saint Petersburg

30 partner banks in consumer
lending to individuals

Feedback from our customers confirms the guarantee of the quality of work

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м. Сенная площадь, Ефимова 4а, бц «МИР», офис 338
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