Demolition of houses, foundations, fences

any complexity

until the end of the week 20% discount when ordering from the site

Own fleet of special equipment

We work officially, sign a contract

We work without days off and holidays

For 1 day "turnkey", safely, professionally and with garbage disposal

We are dismantling

professional demolition - this is
not just the departure of special equipment to the site and the dismantling of buildings.

This is a big responsibility that we take upon ourselves, strictly observing safety precautions.

We guarantee accurate, high-quality and prompt dismantling of your buildings, leaving behind a clean area.

Dismantling cost
is formed taking into account the conditions, volume, building material, the complexity of access roads and the special wishes of the customer.

Panel, log, frame
and timber houses we carefully dismantle according to European
standards manually, in 1 day

Houses made of logs and timber, frame-panel

от 10 000
Dismantling of a brick building or part of it, as well as dismantling while maintaining the foundation, is carried out by special equipment
for 1 day. Cleaning the territory as a gift

Houses and cottages made of brick and stone

от 15 000
A building exposed to fire often falls apart on its own. Dismantling is carried out manually. You get a clean area

after the fire

от 18 000
We dismantle fences with tape and
pile foundation. We can dismantle the span and move it to another location

Fences and gates

от 5 000
Pile, screw, block,
monolithic, reinforced concrete, brick (old-style) using
special equipment or manually, in 1 day


от 8 000
Leave a request and
find out the cost
dismantling by photo

with 20% discount

500 km from MKAD departure is free

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Why clients choose us

Only qualified workers with more than 5 years of experience

Professional team

The presence of our own special equipment and an experienced team significantly speed up the dismantling

for 1 day

The cost is always lower than competitors. Free departure 100 km from Kyiv

not intermediaries

An appraiser will come to your property free of charge and calculate the cost


fixed in the contract
and never changes
in progress

We conclude

The cost is always lower than competitors. Free departure 100 km from Kyiv

We work in
weekends and holidays

Guarantee of safety of the territory adjacent to the object.
Satisfied neighbors

We work

Only qualified workers with more than 5 years of experience

start today


Our demolition work

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Dismantling of a wooden house with preservation of the foundation

The size of the house is 6.3x6.1 meters
Deadline - 1 day
Garbage removal - partial
Cost — 16 000 UAH'

Dismantling a wooden house with a foundation

The size of the house is 5x8 meters
Deadline - 1 day
Disposal of all garbage to the landfill
Cost — 22 000 UAH

Dismantling the strip foundation with special equipment

Foundation size - 9x11 meters
Deadline - 1 day
Disposal of all garbage to the landfill
Cost — 15 000 UAH

Demolition of dilapidated building with foundation

The size of the house is 9x8 meters
Deadline - 1 day
Disposal of all garbage to the landfill
Cost — 25 000 UAH

Dismantling a house after a fire while maintaining the foundation

The size of the house is 9x8 meters
Deadline - 1 day
Disposal of all garbage to the landfill
Cost — 20 000 UAH

Stages of dismantling

On the agreed day and hour, a team arrives at the work site with the necessary tools and a container for construction waste.

Arrival at the object

We dismantle the foundation of any complexity with the help of special equipment, or manually

Foundation dismantling

The dismantling of houses begins with the disconnection of communications. Dismantling is carried out starting from the roof and gradually reach the foundation.

Building dismantling

After the work is done, we carefully clean the area with a rake and shovels. After us, you are left with a clean area.

Site cleaning

You inspect the object and sign the act of acceptance of the work performed, after which you pay for the dismantling services.

Delivery and payment of the object

We immerse all construction waste in the container and take it to the MSW landfill as it is full.

Garbage removal

About company "DemontaЖ"
I welcome you to our site.
My name is Dmitry Smolin

DemontaJ was founded in 2010.
During this time, we have accumulated extensive experience in carrying out dismantling works of varying degrees of complexity. Our own equipment and a large fleet of specialized equipment allow us to carry out dismantling work in 1 day. Our priority direction is the dismantling of buildings and structures, including manual dismantling of objects. We work carefully and conscientiously.

I personally guarantee high quality, speed
and low prices for our work

Dmitry Smolin

Director of the company "Demontazh"

Our operating principles

We never risk

Dismantling is an extremely dangerous job, which does not give the right to count on "maybe". Allowing yourself a small risk, with repeated repetition, will inevitably lead to a tragic result.

We work on a turnkey basis

We are always professional
and the right tool.
You don't need to buy anything
and buy, we will bring everything you need with us.
We also take care of all consumables.


Careful dismantling and demolition of buildings without damage to neighboring buildings. We clean the area after dismantling. We always listen to the wishes of the customer and work conscientiously.

Do you want to entrust the dismantling
experienced professionals
and save money at the same time?

until the end of the week 20% discount

100 km from Kyiv departure is free

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Leave a request and we will offer you the best price for dismantling in Kyiv and the Region

Reviews about our work

Dmitry Ryabov

We are very happy that we chose your demolition company. We chose from several. Good price and friendly service. Thanks a lot to Dmitry for a good team of workers and for the good organization of the demolition of the summer house! Many thanks to the workers for the demolition itself! They did a great job taking out the trash. Not a trace of the house remains! This, despite the fact that they worked independently, without our presence. Thank you all so much!!!!

Maria Kolkina

I want to thank Dmitry Smolin and the team for the high-quality and fast work on cleaning the house that burned down in 2018, I was about to clean it up just now. All this muck literally imprinted on the ground, but the guys were able to clean everything and the toilet and a bunch of cut down trees and the cost is several times less than that of the competitors. Thank you very much! I will recommend you to friends and acquaintances. Prosperity to you and your company!

Natalia Rasskazova

We needed to demolish half of the house, while keeping the gas pipe. The demolition was carried out in three stages: first, wooden extensions, then the second floor, and, finally, the brickwork of the walls shared with the neighbors. We were very worried about the gas pipe, but everything was done clearly and in 1 day.
My husband and I thank you for the titanic work done, which, frankly, we were afraid to approach without the participation of specialists. Thanks again!

Αnton Kulagin

Thank you so much for demolishing the porch! They came to see the object for free, fully told how and what will happen, what the cost, etc. Excellent work, neat team, everything is clear and right on time! Removed and removed everything that was under the house and even more! For the dismantling of the rest of the house, we will contact only you!

Online payment on site

You can pay for dismantling services directly on the site,
using bank cards: Visa, Mastercard, Maestro.

Answers to frequently asked questions

You ask - we answer, click on the question to open the answer

How do you dismantle?

The first stage of dismantling work is to turn off communications - water supply, heating, sewerage, electricity. Next, we begin to dismantle your house - dismantle the roof, remove doors and windows, dismantle the walls and floor. After the structure is dismantled, we proceed to dismantle the foundation, dismantle it using special equipment or manually.

At the end of all work, we clean the site and remove debris.

Why are there no fixed prices for demolition? Will the cost increase in the process?

We do not indicate clear prices on the website, since the cost of each project is calculated individually and may depend on many factors: the area, height and number of storeys of the object; building material; whether it is necessary to dismantle the foundation; dismantling with preservation of material or not; location relative to other objects and the possibility of using special equipment; the need for garbage disposal and remoteness to the landfill

The calculation of the project is made according to the photo or by a specialist who travels for evaluation. After signing the contract, the cost remains fixed and does not change until the end of all work.

The cost can only be increased if you agree to carry out additional work.

Is it possible to save windows and doors during dismantling in order to use them in the future?

Yes. Most often, we carry out dismantling manually, which allows us to remove windows and doors without damaging them. But even if your project requires the use of special equipment, our specialists will carefully remove and set aside those structures that you plan to reuse.

Flowers, shrubs and trees grow near the house, will you damage them during dismantling?

All plants after dismantling will remain intact. We take care of the property of the client and try to take into account all the wishes. In the event that you suffer any damage, we will reimburse you for all losses.

What documents do you provide?

After calculating the exact cost of dismantling, we sign a contract. After all the work is completed, an act on the work performed is signed.

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